Psychometric Tests: Practice Makes Perfect

Psychometric tests are a common method many recruiters use to assess whether potential candidates have the right level of  skills  for the job. Psychometric tests generally measure your verbal and / or numerical abilities, although some also focus on diagrammatic tasks which test your understanding of flow charts and diagrams (typically for IT and engineering roles).

Acing the Tests
There aren’t any foolproof tricks to getting a perfect score. But there are things you can do to improve your performance. It all comes down to practice. The more familiar you get with the typical format and questions, the less nervous you’ll be on the day and the easier you’ll find the tests .

Simple Practice Tips
It’s essential to practice psychometric tests under exam conditions to improve your test-taking skills. Why not sign up to our online practice tests? You can also train your brain through simple, everyday steps that make practicing almost fun! 🙂 Here’s how:

  • Verbal Ability – Read as much as possible, and diversify your material. Look at manuals, journals, newspapers, reports and books and talk to your friends about what you read. You can also have a go at word games and puzzles testing your logical reasoning.
  • Numerical Ability – Read financial reports and pay attention to data presented in tables, charts and graphs. Improve your mental agility by doing mathematical teasers and games and try to avoid using a calculator to do basic arithmetic.
  • Diagrammatic Ability – Study flow charts and installation and circuit diagrams. You can even create one yourself to fully understand how a system works. You should also sequence the steps you take when using specific equipment.

Why not pop in to the Careers & Enterprise Centre and our information team can guide you through the practice tests available.


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