Student Story: How I found my own internship…

One Economics and Finance student who recently landed an internship has kindly shared with us how he did it:

“I’m someone who doesn’t like to follow the flock, so applying to Barclays, JP Morgan and all the other firms in Investment Banking certainly wasn’t what I had in mind to get an internship.  I therefore decided to play the statistics, and bypass competition by looking for smaller firms, with just as much salary and growth potential.

I decided I wanted to work in a hedge fund because it offered a small structure, and really interesting activities.

A Google search of “top 50 performing hedge funds 2010” produced a list, and I proceeded to e-mail each and every one of those I could work in without needing a visa. I had a pre-written CV and cover letter which I adjusted for every firm I applied to.

I sent at least 40 emails and phone calls: if you want to use this approach, using addresses is much less likely to get any response. Try and find a named person to send it to.

Having first sent emails, I then called up human resources.  If both of these methods failed to reach the right people, I pushed my applications further and further within the companies until I got feedback.

After around two months of research and applications, I received a call from a Swiss based hedge fund who asked me to come to their Vienna offices to work in the sales department, after a brief phone interview.

And that’s about it. Long hours of research and perseverance finally paid off. I really feel people shouldn’t only focus on Investment Banking internships at Goldman Sachs and look wider for less competitive opportunities, which lead to just as exciting and high end jobs.”

Final year Economics and Finance student


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