Build a Bank – how do banks work?

Speakers from JPMorganChase and Barclays Wealth, working in asset management and wealth management entertained a hundred students on Monday night at the first of our ‘Focus on Finance Fortnight’ events, Build a Bank.  The speakers, both alumni of Queen Mary, outlined what their functions involve, giving detailed insight into the workings of a bank.  We learnt about affluent, high net worth and ultra high net worth clients in wealth management, how new clients are found, how performance analysts look at the performance of stocks and shares and report that to front office asset managers, and more.

Both speakers talked about the value of extra curricular activities, such as societies and positions of responsibility on or off campus, to make your CV stand out to employers. They highlighted networking as a key way of finding out useful information for a job search and leveraging work experience opportunities. When applying to banks, they advised reading the FT for a month before interview, having an overview of the markets and what’s going on in the finance world, as well as learning about the differences between IBs and retail banks, and how the division you are applying to works.

Some websites you might like to explore in the light of this are Investopedia, EfinancialCareers and SEO London.

For further details about how to network, as well as what to ask, see the resources page of our website.


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