Part time work – earn cash, get experience, build up your CV

Our part time work leaflets arrived this week – full of links, ideas and advice on how to find a part time job.

     Many students come and see us saying they have no work experience, because they think their part time job doesn’t count.

Actually part time work is a great way to build on your experience, gain new skills and boost your CV.

First off, having a part time job whilst you are studying shows employers that you have time management and organisational skills as you are able to balance work alongside study.  Whatever kind of work you do, it  is also likely to help you develop team working skills, communication skills as well as customer service too.


A part time job can also give you real insight into how business works and can help you develop commercial awareness – something that employers really value. It is all about understanding the customer and their needs, and how the business tries to meet that through their product or service.  This doesn’t just apply to working for well known shops or restaurants, but is the case whether you coach a local kids football club, work in a bar, or fundraise for a charity.

If you would like information on putting together a CV or application, or would like feedback once you have written it come to QM Careers WG3 to see our leaflets, resources and to book an appointment.


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