Finding Finance Jobs

We were asked via Twitter the other day about where to find openings in financial institutions. Well, at this time of year it may be difficult to find front office openings as many of the roles will have been filled by either direct applicants or through the Internship pipeline.

So, you might want to look at other alternatives within finance, and think how your skills, aspirations and experience fit those alternatives.

There is a pretty comprehensive list of roles available on the Prospects website, and if you want to rethink your career plan it would be worth writing up a CV or listing all your skills and experience and then coming to speak to one of our Careers Advisers who will be able to work with you on an action plan.

Where to look for vacancies?

Of course once you know the sort of role you are looking for you will be able to narrow down the organisations you are looking to apply to, so naturally a good place to look are on their vacancy websites. However, there are a couple of other resources out there.

First up have a look on our JobOnline website which has had about 50 vacancies in the last four weeks related to finance. Then have a look at specialist websites like eFinancialCareers, or there is a list of websites available on our website, or take a look at Careers Tagged our online library.

Still not sure?

Come into QM Careers and have a chat with one of our Information Staff. We have some directories in the library you can either take away or use on site as reference.


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