Student story: How I chose my Masters

To study or not to study further was the question I was asking myself towards the end of third year at Uni. I knew I wanted to do a masters at some point but I wasn’t sure when would be the best time to do it, which university, what course exactly and how to sort out my funding.

For many students, like myself, graduating and entering the world of work can be a very scary process and putting it off seems like a better option. For those of you who are doing a masters for this reason, I suggest you should only do it if you are truly very keen to study further. It is a lot of hard work and takes up a lot of time – even though I knew this….I underestimated it greatly! My course in particular is full of extremely competitive students and I think I would not enjoy it as much if I wasn’t as interested in the course.

Why did I decide to do a masters?

Since school I have loved my subject (Economics) and therefore I decided to study it at undergraduate level. I chose to do a masters because towards the end of my third year I felt like there was so much more I still needed to learn and I genuinely wanted to, especially as I developed more specific interests over the years.

There was an element of fear of entering the world of work and I was not ready to work. I thought an MSc would prepare me better for it, by giving me more time to think about it and by increasing my ‘knowledge’ in areas such as Finance which I didn’t focus on as much during undergrad years.

I knew I had the option of doing it at a later stage however I wanted to stay in the ‘flow’ of education where I was used to attending lectures, revising and doing coursework! Personally for me it would have been difficult if I chose to do a masters after taking time off or having worked because of the dependency on my earnings and the discipline required to study again. An MSc is what I wanted to do at some point and I wanted to finish my education at once.

Why QM?

I really like Queen Mary as a university – everything about it fits in well with what I would look for in a university and my student life. I like the fact that it is in London but still has an actual campus and I love the involvement I have with the Student’s Union and extracurricular activities.



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