Working in the public sector

You may hear people talking about getting a job in the public sector – what does that actually mean and what types of organisations could you work for? On the simplest level the public sector provides goods and services for the public, through  organisations which are government funded (taxes) and publicly owned corporations.  Examples of public sector organizations are the police, the military, many education providers, transport providers, local councils, central government and policy related bodies and the NHS.

You may have heard news stories about job cuts in the public sector and wonder whether it’s still possible to get a job in one of these organisations.  Here is our summary of what’s happening….

  • Many public sector graduate schemes are still recruiting.  Examples are the NHS, the civil service fast stream (apart from HM Treasury), NGDP (local government).
  • The number of vacancies is many cases is less and so there is increased competition.

So what is our advice to you?

  • Depending on what you want to do you may want to think about going for an entry level role in an organisation.  This enables you to get some experience and then you could apply for the graduate scheme later down the line, or simply progress up through the ranks at your own pace, not on a graduate scheme.  Entry level roles are advertised all year round and are available in all types of organisations.
  • Get as much volunteering and work experience as you can whilst at university to make yourself a more attractive candidate to employers.

Visit QM Careers for advice and help on applying to public sector roles.


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